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I need some advice

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Ok so I'll start off with a little back story... I been friends with this guy for a while, 4 years almost... nice guy. We met at work, at the time he was getting over a break up, 6 year relationship and I had my own relationship problems. That's really how we bonded... I never showed any interest in him nor he with me, he was on and off with his girl. Anyway we got really close, started going out to clubs and bars, he was always very respectful. We had our drunk night where we had to get picked up, I got really drunk with him once or twice, like throwing up all over his truck drunk but he never tried anything we would get smoke all the time too. I knew that he is also into pills, xanax, he never offered me, never tried to get me to take any. Just out of curiosity I began to ask him about it, what it felt like, how long it lasted. Anyway long story short I was down to try xanax, we were actually supposed to go out last night... from what he told me that I'd be good with 8mg... which in my mind my only knowledge of pills are prescription and over the counter pills, ibuprofen coming in 200mg, over 500mg or tylenol with prescription I thought to myself oh that's not a lot that's not shit 8mg. I lagged it on him last night, I actually got ready but I didn't want to go, just had this feeling I should just stay home watching Netflix or reading a book or something. He hits me but I never replied, I just didn't want to go for some reason. Anyway in the morning I texted him back and was like oh I'm so sorry, I fell asleep. He was cool about it. Anyway the whole 8mg of xanax, didn't think to much of it didn't seem like a lot till I started reading up on it few hours ago, the normal prescription is anywhere between .25mg to 1mg... I read some forums too about people passing out on 2 or 3gm. So this whole I'd be good with 8mg... like I said I read that just 2mg is a lot for someone who's never had any experience with xanax. Now I'm conflicted, was my friend planning something?, should I end this 4 year friendship??

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