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Partner not sure about children

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Hi there, I have been with my partner for 11 months. At the start of our relationship he would say things like. 'You'll make a wonderful mother' 'If I ever have kids....' He even rang me up drunk once and said ' do you want my babies, I get scared about thing but when they happen I know what I'm doing.' I want children for definite. It's important to me. Anyway, he moved in with me around 6 weeks ago and we have been arguing. He doesn't like some of my habits. And i don't like that he doesn't think of me in terms of making dinner and things for when I get home. I work longer shifts than he does. So we have argued a lot. Any way, the other day he asked me to tell him things that were bothering me. I asked why and he said 'so I can learn to improve' I told him and he went funny. Said that he doesn't want pressure. He was hell bent on kids but he doesn't know. He is struggling with money and he doesn't think he will be able to provide. He likes things the way they are. He doesn't know what he wants. 'I said so you never want kids' He said 'I've always said I won't plan for them because I'd say no if asked and panic but if it happened I'd obviously he okay' I said well I want them. It ended with him on the sofa and me wondering whether I should end the relationship Can you help?

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