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Do drugs destroy families?

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Hello, I have a problem. I recently found out that my wife is on drugs. I have always felt that drugs are some thing that would never come between us, because I felt we were beyond it. now I feel that I have been foolish. She has been burning through cash for several months, spending thousands of dollars that she hasn't been able to account for. We almost lost our home before I cut her from our cash. Now she is pawning my personal possessions as well as hers. These possessions that I care a lot about. Afterwards I glanced over to see her texting and found some suspicious verbiage, so I started looking into it, finding her drugs hidden away. Now knowing the extent of this i fear for the safety of our children. We have 5, three being between 6 and 2. After learning of her new habit I tried to be understanding, trying to find ways to help her out of the habit. I have also taken I tough love approach. Its doesn't seem to matter how I approach this it keeps going. I would like to be more patient, but I fear that if I do we could lose our children or worse.... see harm come to them. I hold great value in my family, and would like to emerge from this keeping it in tact, but I'm not sure it's possible. How so I help her while keeping my family safe? How do I protect my assets with out losing what's really important?

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