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Extreme loner

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I am just wondering what I should do going forward. Growing up I was mostly kept inside by overprotective parents and played video games in my room by myself. When I got into high school I made some good friends that always invited me to do things and dragged me around places. I even dated a girl for four years, and we lived together for a while, but eventually broke up. When I graduated from college I moved 1000 miles away from home to take a well paying full time job. I didn't bother keeping in touch with anyone. I can say without exaggeration that I now have zero friends. I never leave my house except for work. When I get home I just play video games and watch anime until I go to sleep. I remember if I spent too much time with other people I would get unreasonably grumpy/angry. I could never enjoy family camping trips because I could never get away from people. I don't feel sad or depressed, and I enjoy my hobbies. I always feel like I SHOULD be doing something different with my life, but there is nothing that I really want to do. I never tire of things, and could probably play the same games for the rest of time. I have been considering finding a job in my hometown, so I could at least be around my family and try to rekindle some old friendships. Should I move home? Would that change me at all? Is there anything wrong with me or my lifestyle?

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