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How do I get my car back?

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I’ve been lending my car to a relative for several months because his was undrivable. And,when it was finally going to be fixed,the diagnosis was that the repair was more than car’s worth. Well,I had surgery and inhouse rehab for a month,followed by home PT for another 6 wks,and unable to drive per Dr.’s orders. Finally,I could drive again,so I requested my car to be returned. No,it can’t be returned. Kin has a job and on days off,goes to classes. “You wouldn’t want him/her to lose his/her job,would you?” Plan is to get another car. Then I get mine back. When that will be,I don’t know. So,I have no car. I am a senior with mobility problems,as well as psychiatric issues regarding social interaction. How can I resolve this properly? Do I give a reasonable time for kin to get a car? I can guarrantee there will be Hell to pay coming at me if I try to get my car back,even tactfully and reasonably. Please,help.

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