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My guyfriend

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So I have a best friend, but he acts like he is my boyfriend, we kiss and do other relationship stuff that best friends normally wouldn't do with each other. Lately he has became physical to me. He has been turning words on me, stonewalling me, and etc since day one. Its almost been a year since we met. He likes to start arguments then blame me for supposedly starting it, I don't like to look at him or talk while we have these random arguments he use to back off but now he has been getting physical when I don't answer him. I am currently living with him due to situations;He likes to be intimidating, and I told him that and he just laughed like I was crazy. He has guilt tripped me a lot in the past, and now he is using my situation against me to keep me in line, what he likes to call "behave", he will call me a brat if I don't "behave" and when I try to confront him about it he starts using my kink to justify his actions,"oh well I thought you like it" and "its your kink, isn't it?" He crosses my line of boundaries but when I cross his he starts getting all butt-hurt,he likes to play victim, then tells me that I'm the one playing victim and I need to stop. Lately he has also been confusing my sentences, say I said one thing when it really was the other. I can't even trust myself anymore, I can barely think and I stare off into space and rock back and forth, it has gotten worse since I met him. Its like he is turning me into a mindless doll. I don't ever want to leave now, and I think he purposely put me in this position to isolate me, I like him a lot.

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