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Foot fetish causing relationship issues

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I wrongly place a high importance on how pretty a woman's feet and toes are, especially if the toenails are nicely shaped and are grown a bit longer than the toes. My girlfriend of 18months has pretty feet but cuts her toenails so short, like 3mm shorter than the toe itself, I just can't look at her toes without feeling turned off to the point of feeling sick so have to ignore them. My previous girlfriend who was my 1st ever relationship, grew-out her toenails (just a few mm longer than her toes) by her own choice and knew she had pretty feet and this made me so happy and raised her attractiveness level in my mind. I know it's a strange and unusual physical trait to be attracted to but think I can never be truely happy with my current girlfriend, I can't ask her to grow her nails, if I break up with her I just don't think I'll ever find a girl like my ex-gf unless I move to another country. Do I need to date more girls until I find one that satasfies my physical attraction needs or just clear this from my mind.

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