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Me an my partner have been together three years this month I see him Friday Saturday an Sundays as he works in week. In my house I have dog an a cat an two girls yes my cat still wees in house in a certain place all time etc.. My freinds cat had kittens on new years day an i am having one in 8 weeks.. I told my partner last night over a text cause that's how we talk all the time (WhatsApp).. An he went mad swearing etc saying I don't need another cat an that's that so clearly I told him I was getting one as I've also promised my youngest she's wrote it on calender really excited he just said that's bullshit an I'm not getting another fucking cat etc..excuse my language I was very upset by this an told him so etc he ignored me for a while about a hour had gone by an then I get this text after I'd said I've made a decision I'm getting it an he's not fair making me feel like shit etc when I want to do it its not fair it's my house Im mainly going to be looking after it etc.. To which he replys (I think we should call it a day then) ... So I sent a few back etc like anyone would he aint responding until I wrote why you ignoring me he put don't need to talk about a cat I put no but your text we do I think we should end it??? He didn't reply again till half hour later when he put going sleep.. Not heard anything since he goes to work at 7am so annoyed I haven't heard anything today an i know he will text me after work an still say he's coming up what do I do cause I'm hurt by what he put that's why I'm after advice before he texts me at 2. Anything will help I know the message sounds ridiculous but I've woke up upset over this. Thanks for reading.

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