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Same sex marriage with 3 month old daughter

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I met my wife 3 years ago and we got married after 18 months of being together. We broke up kind of frequently during our dating period and we even stopped talking for like 2 months. I was scared to have a child because everyone needs attention from their spouse but she puts extra attention to the baby. Like I could come home, eat, shower and go to sleep without talking to her. We have definitely hit a real big obstacle in our marriage. I’m not really social when it comes to expressing my feelings, so I keep them inside. Every time we have argued she told me we are getting a divorce, no matter how big or small that was her go to and I am mentally drained and tired. Just about 2 weeks ago we got in a huge argument and was ready to get a divorce. The feelings went away but here we are 2 weeks later and I feel all of the anger, depression and frustration I felt 2 weeks ago. I’m 50/50 because we did start a family and she would move back to NC, while I stay in TX. I won’t be able to see my daughter that often. I also think my decision to stay right now is because of the baby. I do love her but we are not the same towards one another. I started talking to my ex again, just having casual conversations. After 8 years of knowing her, I still feel the same about her like when we first met. I feel horrible about it but I can’t help how I feel. I needed outlets and I know she wouldn’t try to break my marriage up but give me good advice. She has given me good advice, people at work has, and my closest friends have also but I still feel like I want to get a divorce.

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