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Should I pursue a crush if I am going to leave the country soon

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I am currently a student. I really really really like a friend of mine. We are good friends right now. We haven known each other for only 6 months or so but we have become really close. This girl looks like the perfect fit for me. We have so many similarities and everyone (mutual friends) thinks we would be a good couple. I am not sure if she has feelings for me but there is a really high chance that she does. I am really confused if I should ask her out. It would put the friendship in jeopardy. I see her everyday and she is so close now that I don't want to spoil anything. Generally I would pursue my crush if I really liked them but in this case I/m going to move out the country, the opposite side of the world in 1.5 years. My plans are fixed and really cannot be changed. I don't know if long distance is possible when there is a 12hr time difference and we will be in different countries for god knows how long. I do plan to move for my entire life. what should I do, I don't like to give up on real feelings at the same time, it doesn't make any sense to date anyone for now ( a serious relationship). Also am I thinking too much into the future ???????????? I mean she is just a good friend for now, nothing else. I just have the mindset of no point in a relationship if it won't last. But I really really really like her and it feels like giving up on it. I don't want to regret not trying. I might never move on, knowing I never tried. Being with her will make me so much happy.

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