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Don’t know what to do!

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I have been with my husband for 9 years. We dated for 6 and have been married for 3. He was my night in shining armor. I had gone through a nasty divorce and he saved me. I was very depressed. I’m not sure I would be here today if it wasn’t for him. He has a photography/videography business. It started with him filming weddings and all was good! He got very good at it. As he got known his business started to grow and he started doing photography also. I kept noticing him being very secretive and kept everything from me. (Not normal, we told each other everything) I kept saying to myself “you are just overthinking this”. Well a year ago I found out that he had been doing Boudoir Photo Sessions. I did not know what these were (very naive). So for anyone that doesn’t to put it in a nutshell they are photos of women in sexy attire or nothing at all. He had been doing these pictures behind my back for over a year. He would reserve hotel rooms for a place to take these pictures. There was one video that I happened to see where he was actually hooking a models straps at her butt area. I found out about the pictures through a friend. I was so blown away. I trusted this man with my life. He was my whole world. When I confronted him he tried to turn it around on me to say it was my fault. I wasn’t sure if I could stay with him. But he promised that he was done with it. He wouldn’t do it anymore. The pictures were bad enough but the fact that he lied to me for over a year was hard to take. With a lot of uneasy/arguing conversations we decided to stay together and I would be more involved with his business. I would be involved with choosing models, where the photos would be, etc. He told me he would do whatever it took to make me trust him again. Well all was good for a little while. He was kissing my behind. I would go everywhere with him, I was involved with the weddings, went to photo shoots, went to meet new clients with him. Well that all stopped all of a sudden. He has started being secretive again. Keeps his computer locked all the time. He gets upset if he thinks I am watching when he enters his password on his computer or phone. He changed his phone to fingerprint instead of actual password now. Well he has been doing photo sessions with this somewhat new model. She is a military wife. She had asked him to do some photos that were not appropriate for a married man to be taking. Instead of saying I don’t do those kind of pictures he did it so it wouldn’t cause an issue. When he came home we went through the pictures together. When we got to the ones that were not appropriate he says “I knew I shouldn’t have done these pictures and they were gonna be a problem”. But he did them anyway. After another big blow up he said he wouldn’t use the photos. He has business cards and brochures for his business and when he got them in the mail he asked me what I thought of them. Well when I looked there were the pictures that he said he wasn’t going to use. When I confronted him he said those were the only pictures that would fit the format. Needless to say he changed the pictures and ordered new cards and brochures. He has been really good about talking to me about setting up photo sessions with models before he does them now until yesterday. The same model as before asked if they could do pictures at ski resort and lodging. He didn’t tell me about this until after he said he would do it. (I know what your thinking, I’m not his mother). No I’m not but he agreed to tell me before he said yes. When I asked about the lodging he lied and said that they didn’t have any and blew up. That right there made me wonder first of all why is he getting so mad. Then I’m like ok what is he hiding. He told me I was being ridiculous! Long story short...I am stuck! I don’t know what to do. When I confront him he try’s to turn it around to make it my fault. It is so hard to trust again after being hurt! Should I stay or should I go?? Am I over reacting???

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