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Endometriosis, collection of failed IVFs, intention to become IP

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Hello to everyone! I’m a new member here. I came to find a solution, meet supportive people and get a little bit calmed. My life gets ruined during last month. In fact, my life is full of tortures and painful moments since I was diagnosed with my infertility. I’m 34 years old, my husband is 2 years older. He’s fully a healthy man. I guess he wasn’t lucky to meet me 10 years ago. We married and decided to become parents. Nothing seemed difficult. The pregnancy was like something normal and usual, the thing that can occur when you want it to. It wasn’t so in my poor case. I suffer from a list of diseases, such as endometriosis, cystitis, often feel bad because of a heart ache. IVF is one of the most effective methods help childless couples to get pregnant. Unfortunately, it wasn’t useful. We wasted a bunch of money and nothing happened. Now I’m considering surrogacy. I’d like my husband to understand the necessity of it. He doesn’t want to plan our journey. My dear man gave up. I didn’t know what to ask you. as a matter of fact, only his view has to change in order to make things better. It’s hard to struggle with in alone. Like something broke up inside and now I can’t believe all will be fine soon. My hope was damaged. The problem is still with me. My husband is out of this game, that all.

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