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I have a crush on my younger brother

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I think i have a crush on my 19 years old younger brother. I am 24. I work as a waitress in a cafeteria.

Almost three weeks ago i invited my brother, my boyfriend, my best friend (female) and a couple (friends) to the cafeteria i was working. A group of guys started catcalling me.

My boyfriend and my friends didn’t do anything. But my brother intervened and began to threaten him. “I am gonna beat you up if you don’t shut your mouth and apologize to her etc.”

After several minutes of “boyish” trash talk between them, the guys finally apologized to me. I was like (oh, that's what a real man should do to protect a girl).

Since then I can’t get him out of my mind. My heart is beating faster when I am near him. I am not sexually thinking of him, but I guess I want to get his attention. I am hugging him; I am caressing his hair, giving him a message on his back & shoulders, sitting in his lap sometimes, preparing breakfast for him every morning, etc.

But I never never thought of him being naked or anything incestuous.

But after three weeks I still have that feeling. I am afraid it could get worse. Any way to get rid of it?

I have a crush on my younger brother

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Yeah, i let my emotions and feelings get exaggerated and now it's too late. Recently i admited to myself that i am in love with him. I can't interpret it differently. I started to have symptoms of depression like anxiety, insomnia, anorexia. But when i am talking to him i am alright. I tried to ignore him once but i couldn't. He seems too cute. And i feel safe while being near him. That's why i realized that i am SOOO SICK. I have already arranged a visit to the psychiatrist. I obviously don't want to do anything sexual with my brother. That's just wrong and i know it. But i am also afraid of myself. I hope those feelings won't stay with me any longer. Thank you for the support.

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