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In 1998 I purchased my mothers house because I was living with her at the time, I've paid the insurance and taxes all these years. Over the years my brother came and went he would always come and stay at Mom's when he got evicted or got out of jail, he never paid for a thing and borrowed money which was never paid back. In 2015 Mom went into a nursing home and passed a year later. My brother was living elsewhere but moved back into the house right after she went into the hospital. My step father was living there too but he passed away a few months later. I wanted to sell the house and my brother wanted to know where he was going to live and offered to buy. I decided to give him a chance and expected payments to start in spring of 2016. He is the type to do seasonal work then go on unemployment insurance over winter but that runs out before work starts again in spring so he never had money to make a house payment. He kept promising to pay, I never got a dime. He was paying the utility bills but two weeks ago I got a call from the collections agency and they said if the gas and power bill weren't paid right away the service would be disconnected. I paid both bills, $1000 for the two plus there is a furnace lease payment that he wasn't paying so that was over $800. I then told him to be out June 1st. We had a heated argument where he tried to guilt trip me with, "This is Dad's house." "Where am I supposed to go." I told him to get a winter job like stocking shelves at Walmart and he can live in a low rental where it goes by what you make. He told me to F-off. He drinks, smokes both tobacco and cannabis plus gambles. Should I feel bad for kicking my brother out so I can sell the house?

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