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I feel lonely and avoided by my friends

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So the past few weeks my friends have been avoiding me for no reason. My best friends keeps hanging out with another girl and so does me other best friend. My friends have their own best friends and hang out mostly with them than me which i find pretty normal but i just feel like everyone has someone and i have no one. I’m mostly concerned though about the fact that my best friend goes out with this other girl every weekend and she never makes plans with me as we used to. I have talked to her about this and she tells me that she also has other friends and wants to hang out with them. I don’t find that wrong it’s just the fact that every god damn weekend she already has plans with this specific girl. If it happens once in a while i’m okey with it because i also do it. I just can’t stay home every weekend by my own. I feel like everyone has someone and i am by own and i hate that. I hate to be lonely i’m a person that wants to be surrounded by people i want to hang out and go out. What should i do?

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