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So ive had an interesting relationship with this girl over the 5 years or so and mind you her and i were our firsts for each other we had a very intimate relationship for about 6-7 months but before that we were great friends for a year and have been still be day. This was during high school and after that amazing 6 months she left and went off to college we probably saw each other 2 maybe 3 times wthin the first 2 years. After that havent since and over the years ive gottin random texts from her saying i was the best guy she was every with this was usually every time a guy would hurt her. Ive had my fair share of relationship over the years but no one has ever compared how she made me feel. Ive been in love with this girl ever since i first meet her. For the past 2 years ive been working and traveling for a couple of states and hadnt been home for awhile and she's still finishing up school and stuff. When i finally come back home, maybe 2 weeks homes she send me a message that she loves and misses me and she asked me to move abroad with her to me with and me of course being like hell yea adventure i was so excited. About a month goes by i found a job while im home and i find time to finally go visit her after like 4 years of not seeing each other i thought sh would be excited to see me but when i asked if she wanted to me to go visit her she read the message and ignored it and that was other 2 weeks ago today could be 3 idk. I love this girl with my whole heart but i know enough know that life cant sometimes and im due to be traveling again soon in couple of months. What im trying to figure out is should i give her that choice of either do you really want me to stay cuz if not im gonna leave. I would trade my whole world for this girl if she let me

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