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GF’s one night stand is going viral

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So the background of this story is that basically, me and my partner found a video on the internet of her making out with someone without her knowledge from before our relationship. The video goes for about half a minute and they didn't notice anyone filming because they were extremely drunk at the time. She remembered that on the same night, they had sex in the same place of filming. She is now extremely anxious about if there was more footage from the same night that could come back to bite her in the future but we don't have anything to prove or disprove this. I've tried contacting the poster of the video but there's been no reply as of yet. I'm trying to think of some other or better way to track down the source of this video to find out more/get closure on the subject, or even just more ways in which to support her. But coming up with something tangible to fix the situation is very difficult. Does anyone have any suggestions? The situation is causing a lot of stress, particularly for her, and any help or advice would be super appreciated.

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