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I’m in a bind !

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My boyfriend of several years and my daughter was in her 20s of had their difficulties. He’s always been very nice to her but the last year after we reconciled following a break up she’s been dead set against me being with him and really really dislikes him. I try talking to her to tell her that I’m a grown woman and I could pick pick pick my own decisions I asked that she respected but she just refuses to understand. I really don’t know that we exact reason so that we have hurt my boyfriend I have broken up a few times and gotten back together so maybe she doesn’t trust him I also know that she knows that he has very little money and I am very comfortable financially almost ready for retirement super happy she feels he’s using me. I know that he really really loves me and wants to live both my children. He has a very good relationship with my son. My daughter lives out of town so she’s not confronted with this every single day But I decided to take this weekend to talk to her and tell her that this is my decision and she Hass to stop giving me such a hard time. And I mention his name to her last night she flipped a lid. How do I deal with this and not ruin our relationship? As a sidenote I am not 100% convinced that I’m going to end up with my boyfriend forever because he does whatever event but his finances to really concerned me and I’m not sure that would be the right move for me in any event. Do I keep on pushing anyway? If I come home and I hope to seven I mentioned to him my concerns about him living with you because of money so you can take my daughter was behind it?

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