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Who to choose

Default profile image I reconnected with an ex boyfriend on Facebook. I have been married 27 yrs and he will be married 30 yrs this year. We reconnected on facebook 3yrs ago and flirted a lot before agreeing to meet. We met 4 times and spent those weekends together, he lives 300 miles from me. We have chatted every day sometimes for hours and about 6 weeks ago my husband finally caught me sending a naughty pic to him. My ex got scared, blocked me on WhatsApp, text, email and messenger. I got mad....told his wife all (pretending to be my scorned husband). His wife threw him out, is selling the house and now he has contacted me again. I know for a fact it is because he doesn't want to end up on his own. Throughout our affair he kept bringing up the idea of us leaving our spouses and living together but he kept bottling it. NOW....he wants it because he is going to be alone. He thinks my husband knows of our affair and that I am alone too but my husband only knows about the picture and we are still together. I have 3 kids (ages 21,16 and 13). I know for a fact my ex has begged his wife to take him back and only because she won't he now wants me to move down and is talking about apartments etc. I DO have feelings for him and am tempted, he also earns good money. My husband still loves me and wants me. What do I do?

Who to choose

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It sounds like bang and blame to me. You've been leading two men along for a while now, cultivating two potential lives with them, all the while judging them based on income and loyalty. Your ruined his marriage because he made an effort to stop his indiscretions. And you're still mad that his marriage was the first thing he went back to try to fix, when you know it was your manipulations that led to the breakup. You've spent all of this time ruining your boyfriend's life and taking away his options, but have done everything you could to make sure you still have them. But I'm sure you're aware that you already made your choice a while ago, and continue to make it every time you talk to this man and deceive your husband.

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