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Thoughts of ending a 25 year marriage to my husband

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I've been struggling for years now, I've not been happy for a very long time, we've been married nearly 26 years , I still love him but feel no emotion towards him anymore in that way , which I hate as he's a lovely husband , we've been through so much , more so myself with deaths of both parents and the suicide of my brother , and a huge barrier went up and we've drifted apart now are children are 22 and 24 , he's never been very loving and cuddly and since the children don't need me anymore I noticed it more and I need it now , after talking about it , he's tried but when he does try to hug now , I shrug inside and I hate it as I would love to stay as a happy family , but I'm not happy and feel the gap has gone to far now and I do feel I it would be best to separate , but I'm crushed at the thought of telling him and my children and hurting them but for 2 years I've only been hurting myself by not being honest , has anyone been through or are going through this as I feel so alone with not having my mum to talk too

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