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Girl problems?? I'm so confused

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So I started talking to this girl a couple of weeks ago. I met her at a friends house at a cookout. We hit it off big-time or so I thought. We were calling each other on a regular basis, and texting very frequently. She seemed to be into me. I can give examples. The first instance. I tried calling her in the middle of the day this past Week and she missed my call for whatever reason then text me a little while telling me sorry she overslept, and had a busy night at work. I respond with I'll call you after I get off work. I try calling her again after I get off then still no answer. A few hours go by and I get a text saying why didn't you call me? She said she had no missed calls so we just kind of laughed it off. Then she called me immediately. The conversations we have are awesome, she asks me about things I like doing and how old I am, typical things when getting to know someone. We are never on the phone for less than 2 hours. I really like her, but I dont want to be investing myself emotionally if the feeling isn't mutual. We were supposed to hang out this evening, which she has 2 kids, but that didn't bother me and she knew so. The last minute she sends me a message saying she cant hangout because she's busy and her kids aren't feeling well. Fast forward to later in the day, she sends me a text saying this "Hey I'm going to be honest with you I think your cool af and you seem like a really great guy but I don't know you that well and idk where your are wanting or thinking this is going to go but we couldn't ever be anything more then friends I suck at relationships and your Kyle's best friend if we did end up going farther then just friends it would most likely not end well and that wouldn't be good seeing your best friend and my best friend are together so I just have to put that out there" Also Im friends with Kyle which is her friends fiancee. I just thought we were getting to know eachother anyway, and it seemed to me that things were going well. We had only gotten to hang out one time so far. Im just lost with this girl. Is it a lost cause?

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