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So many regrets in life

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I have not been happy with my life or husband for some time. I am middle aged and been married 23 years. I raised our 3 children who are now all grown up, my husband as worked and always just gone out and looked after himself, his life as not changed but mine did. we got married and had the kids young and I regret the life ive lost. I can't believe my youth as gone and have not got anything to show for my life. I regret marrying my husband so much and wished I had never met him. he is a sales man and as stayed away over the years and going abroad with his job whilst my life as been boring raising the kids, me stuck at home cleaning like a fool and I feel so disappointed I have nothing to show for anything I have done. I know you will say I have 3 kid's so that's a achievement but to me its not. I have cheated on my husband in the past and he as been on dating sites himself. a man contacted me whom i met years ago and wants to meet up and im thinking of seeing him. I feel that maybe with another man my life will be different then this boring one I have got which I hate. my husband is a selfish man . the other day he came home and did not ask me how I was, he just said, he as to stay away the night with work. he didn't even say to go for a walk when it was such a lovely day. I felt hurt and know he as always looked after himself and not been bothered about my dreams and what ive wanted in life. its all to do with him and his job and stupid me as followed his life instead of leading my own and having friends and I feel such a fool that I have wasted my life living it around his. I feel I was destined to have a horrible hard life and made to suffer and to never be happy but just watched other people be. ive felt like Cinderella waiting for her prince to come but mine never will.

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