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At work I like to do things a certain way. I like things clean. I completely understand that other people are different. However I know that to a certain extent management want what I want. They want a clean work space. They want the washing kept up to date etc. At work I have always tried to keep things tidy and up to date. I have been working for a organisation for about 2 years now and to begin with I didn't mind keeping everything clean and tidy. I would prioritise it to a certain degree as I have a high work ethic. However it always seems to be the same people doing the same things even though there is a rota. Some people just ignore it or forget to do it when it is their turn but never get pulled up on it. I always seemed to be cleaning with only a few other people. If we don't do it, it doesn't get done. It bugs me because other people should be doing it too. My job isn't to clean up after everyone else, everyone should be cleaning just as much. Recently I have stopped cleaning up behind other people because I feel if others aren't why should I however I don't like working in such an untidy place. In one hand I want to keep things clean and I think I will feel better to keep it clean but on the other hand why should I when it's not specially my job and I don't get any thanks or privileges for doing it. Worst of all management don't listen to any complaints. I'd like some advice on whether people think I should continue not cleaning up behind other people even though I hate working in such a unorganised work environment (why should I when I don't get support and help from everyone else?) or should I start cleaning up again even though it annoys me that others don't do the same even though it's their job.

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