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Have you ever had a problem that you are afraid to tell your parents because you don't want to make them feel sad? I'm 16 and when you'll see me in personal, maybe you will mistook me for someone in her 20s or 30s. My problem is I look old for my age, as people say. You may be thinking "Nah she's overreacting" but even me, I am also confused why I am hurt when my classmates and best friends call me granny, when people say I am the mom of my three year old sister and people who are older than me call me 'maam' or 'madam'. I don't understand why when I look in the mirror, I see myself as a person who looks just like her age. I don't see anything wrong with my looks before until people started pointing my looks in high school. That's when I started to be really self conscious. Whenever there's a school play, I actually silently pray that I would not get the 'mother' role because when people start deciding for the cast they would be like, "Hey she should be the mom. I mean look at her face." because it's embarassing to me. And this may sound weird but I cry at night when moments like this happen. I don't understand why I still haven't feel numb after hearing the same words for years, It seems like every word sounds new too my hearing. And I've been praying to God that one day, when I wake up, I'll look atleast a little bit better but then of course you also have to work hard for it. I started searching for foods with anti-aging properties and I also skipped meals and exercised to be slimmer because maybe being not overweight would shed you years but then nothing happened hahahahaha. Thank you so much for reading this. I never thought it would be such a relief to share your problem especially when it's my first time doing this because I am hesitant to tell this to my friends and also to open up with my parents since they already have enough problems and I don't to add that up.

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