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I'm in that stage we're I'm not sure if I should leave my boyfriend or wait to see if things change. The issue is, I feel like it's always me that reaches out to him and makes the plans, he never seems excited or particularly happy to see me, where's I've been counting the days. He doesn't show much affection towards me, and it makes me feel unloved and miserable. I feel like I'm constantly trying to make him happy because am scared of losing him. He tells me that he thinks I'm too good for him and that il leave him or cheat on him like all his previous relationships. I'm sick of being compared to his ex's, I've not given him any reason to not trust me. I know his insecure but I'm just as insecure myself. I talk about the future an plans, but he shows little effort or just nods n agrees. I feel emotionally drained, all I want is him to communicate with me and spend quality time with me. I compromise and make sacrifices for him, but I don't seem to get anything back. Deep down I think it's not going to work long term, but I badly want it too :( I honestly don't know what to do.

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