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My boyfriend went to prison for over 2 years... amazingly, I broke the stigma and remained loyal the whole time. I was working 60-70 Hrs a week and shaved my head, which, in the small town we were in at the time, constitutes you as a lesbian. So, it wasn't really hard at all. Well, now he's been home for a year, and suddenly he thinks I was cheating on him while he was in there... digging through my phone, old conversations... even requested Google to send him archive files of browser history from the past 4 years!!! I thought I had nothing to hide, until he just woke me up saying he found the proof that I cheated.... it was a meme I saved while he was in prison. A meme.. it had 3 praying mantas's, one with no head. And it said 'sup guys! Guess who got laid last night?' That meme was his proof. Nothing to do with the context, just the words. I didn't even post it on social media or send it... just saved it cause it was funny. Now, he's slept maybe 3 hrs in 3 nights. Just digging and digging through my browser history and messages. WHAT DO I DO?!?! I'm going Batshit crazy!!! We've never fought this badly... we're probably going to get the cops called... I feel like I'm getting interagated!!!

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