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Friendship problems

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My older online friend and i met through a game.After i broke up with my ex (long story but it had to with my friendship with this person) 1 day or 2 later he confessed to me and insisted trying giving him a chance, even though i rejected him and explained the reason to him. So he kept telling me cheesy things(which i hate) and how special i am to him and he somehow wanted me to tell him the same thing. When i was having fun with other people he pointed the fact that lately i enjoy my time with others which made me snap. He complained when i didnt tell him to come online and play, which made me again snap on him and later he told me that he needed to play in order to forget about his dog's death and i felt bad that i snapped even though he was in pain. Lately i felt overwhelmed by the fact that we were talking everyday and most of the time. I explained to him that we dont need to talk everyday and i thought he understood that but the next day he sent another message. And day by day i was feeling a suffocation to the point i couldn't focus on what i was doing. So after many times of repeatation that i need time and space he told me that he is not needy or clingy which thats what was on mind.He even told me i was rude when i said ''i will take my time and space thank you'' is that rude by the way? I suggested him to make other friends, which he has cause he is inviting people online and i know he has people that care about him, he had told me so.His answer was that i am the only one who understands him.And even though he told me that he is giving me my space i sent him screenshots of the messages that he was sending one after another when i wasnt replying fast. He told me that people always get something from him and he always trying to make others happy, but what i really needed was space and i thought it was selfish of him to insisting texting everyday.Maybe i wasnt clear enough maybe i didnt deserve his friendship or whatever. What i am sure is that i need to be good first before trying to please everyone else.

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