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8 months pregnant while life crumbles around me

I am in need of someone to talk to about everything. I've been diagnosed with Anxiety, Depression, ADHD and Bipolar Disorder. I am 31 years old and 8 months pregnant as well as trying to remodify a custody agreement in order to get my 8 year old daughter home. I also help take care of both my parents who have heart failure and other diseases. I am currently unemployed and living at home with my mother. She needs the additional help as she is disabled with limited mobility. However, my mother despises the father of my unborn child. His name is literally unspoken here. Which causes me to lie to her about him. Not only will she get more sick the more upset she gets but potentially, our relationship could be damaged beyond repair. Today, I made the decision to tell my mother that I will not be keeping this child away from her father. If she washes her hands of me then so be it. Terrified and heartbroken I tried to reach my child's father all day to tell him the good news but I never got an answer. I wanted to tell him how amazing he is for being understanding and sticking by me through this past year and how we were finally going to be able to live together again, with our newborn daughter. When he finally answered, I knew something was off. I felt it in my gut. My husband admitted to me that he relapsed and is now homeless. I'm crushed. I honestly have zero thoughts on what my next actions should be. In regards to everything.

8 months pregnant while life crumbles around me

Your priority should be to your unborn child and your daughter. I'm sorry you're going through all this, but all this stress cannot be good for the baby. The baby deserves to be brought up in a stable, safe environment and if you're husband can't sort himself out then it's best you all stay away.

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