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Am I just a wimp

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it all started four years ago when i was out with my girlfriend at a local bar when two girls walked over and took the table we were sitting at,at time we were talking to someone else. My girlfriend said look they stole our table ,go say something to them so i walked over and nicely said that our stuff was here and i felt that the table was still ours, well the one female stood up and said its theirs now,and i should leave now. atthat point i said no i wont leave and that she needed to give the table back at which point she stood up and and with one punch knocked me unconscious ! there i laid motionless,after not coming to for awhile i was taken away in ambulance to hospital. As you can imagine my girlfriend was embarrassed and two days later left me,fast forward two years later and i am with my wife at a box store and we run into my ex,who at that point made it known to my wife that i was knocked out cold by a woman and when she asked me if it was true and i said it wasnt what you think my ex-girlfriend promptly walked straight up to me and again with one single punch knocked me out in the middle of store.I was backboarded and stretchered out of store and once at hospital was told i had broken jaw and nose.My wife divorced me at that point, taking her 14 year old daughter and leaving for good,saying to me that i must be some kind of sissyboy.Just when i didnt think things could ever get worse i ran into the exwife and her now 15yr old daughter not long ago my ex starting saying to her daughter and friends about me being a pussy and wheni asked her to stop her 15yr old daughter knocked me out also with just one girl punch, i am now looked at as a complete sissyboy to everyone,most everyone one knows i have now been beatin up badly three different times by a woman and im to point of not knowing how to handle it, any advice

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