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When and how do I ask my boyfriend about finances?

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I've been really burnt before and totally misled when I was with a prior boyfriend - in particular, he wanted to build a future with me and because we are older, I told him I needed to know he can stand on his own 2 feet financially, like me. I am not interested in supporting someone through their retirement nor do I have sufficient funds to pay for 2 people. He lied to me throughout the relationship about his money issues to mislead me into believing he was in good shape. I ended the relationship and now have started a new one. This person is a professional like me, and has his own home. But I believe he pays alimony to the ex; the children are grown and on their own. He wants to discuss a future with me too but I can't even think about that until I know more about his finances as well. Essentially, does he have enough money for his retirement to enjoy life like me; how long does he have to work, etc. When is the right time to ask these questions. Honestly, I don't want to waste any time .

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