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Suicide thoughts

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I've recently moved in with my partner into our own little place and since then we just argue. We lived at his dad's place before for a while and things were always going really well but for almost a week now all we do is fight. I feel like it has become such a sex based relationship recently and it makes me feel shitty. I'd throw mood swings but his response is the typical man reaction of not doing or saying anything about it. He just acts like I'm not there and plays fifa until crazy hours of the morning. It's come to the stage where if we aremt having sex it's argument after argument. I love this guy with every bit of me but the way things are going this week.... it's making me feel like shit. Last night I came home and went straight to cook something nice for us and when I came up he got pissed that I didn't let him know I came home and started cooking. I explained what happened and when i went to finish cooking, he walked out at 2am for a walk for about an hour. It's childish. He eventually came back to bed and started playing fifa. I just lay there crying and honestly just thinking if this is how marriage to him is then there's no point. After hours of crying to myself I started to think about overdosing on something. I've done it before and I swore it wont happen again but i just don't know what I'm doing at this point.... I come home only to feel how cold he is towards me. When I refuse to have sex he just....

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