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Divorce my worthless husband

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Im thinking of divorcing my husband of 23 years. He as been on dating sites in the past, had a text message from a woman saying she was back from holiday, he as been on porn sites for years and years even when I told him to stop because of what it is was doing to me but he carried on doing it. he as been on 1o hook up sites in July this year which I found from the history on his phone and I also found glitter on the front passenger seat of his car which I assume he as bought a gift or card for another woman. he as never respected me and as even stared at women right in front of me on holiday. I've taken all I can for years and years but when you love someone you put up with shit but eventually realise all the shit you have put up with that life is to short to stay with a no mark. he had his prostrate taken out 3 years ago and I have had to put up with him using a pump to get it going which is very off putting and yet I stuck it out even giving him oral sex because I wanted to but also because its what men want even if I did not want to do it. he had the nerve to asked me if I wanted oral and not once in all our marriage did he ever say, I really want to give you oral without me having to ask for it so he must of really felt repulsed to give me oral when I said ok I will have it but I think because he as looked at so much porn over the years he as seen how the young women have there's down below and they are younger where's I am middle age and all he sees is a old one so he is not turned on and does not want to touch it or give me oral. he says he is not areal man anymore and by god he is not but I still carried on having sex with him having to wait 15 minutes until it was ready but did not complain. it did not matter that he is disabled down there and as to use a pump and a ring to keep it going yet I gave him oral and he always asked me if I wanted oral. what a F....n joke. sex as been crap and he is in and out after ten minutes. I fake noises to get him in the mood but I'm lying there and would rather read a good book that is how crap he is yet I have lied there for the sake of saying, I had sex last night even thou it was f....n S..t. he hardly touches me and I have to asked him to touch me in certain places and its like I feel I need to have pen markings on my body so he knows where I want to be touched. I'm sick of being treated like a slab of meat and its my own fault for letting a worthless piece of scum like him treat me like he as and as I approached my 5oth birthday next year I feel like I need a new life away from him and to meet a new man who will treat me probably and care for me. tell me I am right for all I have been through with him throughout the years and to let him go once and for all.

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