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All That Was Lost: A Poem

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All That Was Lost SVH I'm tired of trying, tired of crying Deep down inside you knew I've been dying Im honest with you, I'm not even lying But my dedication to you was the only thing you're fighting I loved your face, I loved your laugh I adored your eyes, how you would look back Smile, hug, and tell me it's all okay But suddenly you left me at the end of the day A final goodbye I hadn't the chance to say Cause all you were doing was pushing me away I became your enemy, on you features a snarl Every single time we talked; a quiet quarrel I never expected you wanting it this way Not wanting me to stick around, or to stay I regret trusting you, I abhor your attitude Your anger and deception was really quite rude At the same time, I wanted you to say Oh, my dear lover, my love towards you isn't a game I pushed back, I struggled, I raged and I fought The feelings and emotions and inside that you taught The tears of misery, the shame on your face Was all just an act, calling me a waste I'm sorry I lied, I'm sorry to say goodbye But all in all, you don't care, so why should I?

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