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Need advice please

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Been unemployed for nearly 4 months now was technically let go in november but due to the way the job ended the benefits office say i voluntary made myself redundant and have been suspended from receiving benefits all my savings have been used up now i have applied for loads of jobs 30+ been for loads of interviews but all have been unsuccessful i am currently signed up to 4 recruitment agencies have only been offered one job but the day i was due to start i had a call from the agency to say the job was no longer available and haven't recieved any more offers since now its got to the stage where my landlord who was very understanding at the beginning said that i could make up the difference once i started working again is now putting pressure on me for rent (which i 100% understand) i cant even sell anything to make a bit of cash as i have nothing of value to sell seriously starting to panic now any ideas what to do? (Not looking for handouts etc just after advice)

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