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Am I being love bombed or somehow manipulated?

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Dating someone for a little over 6 months. He has had 2 failed marriages and has been alone for several years now. Since meeting me he keeps saying I nice I am (which he said wasn’t the case with his 2 exes), how much he loves me and only wants me for the rest of his life. He keeps also always saying “I love you”. By always I mean always like during the night if we wake for a few moments and during all waking hours. Seriously I haven’t added it up but probably 20 times in a 24 hour period. I love him too but don’t say it so many times. He’s also very affectionate and yes he wants to move in and marry me. We are both older and so before I move forward I’d have a prenup etc. I do feel pressured a bit on time to move forward too. He says he will doesn’t want the 2 hour drive every weekend to see me forever which I understand. Do you think his feelings are all genuine and why constantly tell me how he feels? Even so, I don’t need to hear it that many times in one day. I think I have no choice but to say something like he knows how I feel and I know how he feels so he doesn't need to repeat it so many times in a day; once or twice is good enough. As for pushing me into marrying, etc. I think I have no choice but to tell him I need more time but I'm willing to live with him (I've said this in the past and he didn't like that idea). Maybe put some reasonable time frame like a year from the time we move in together (which wouldn't take place for another 6 months or so).

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