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Idk what to do

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In feb 2019 my significant other opened up about being sexually molested as a child when I caught them cheating via sexting.... life was great and we got married in vegas. Seriously it was amazing. Then it just fell off badly I caught them sexting another person who was close friends of ours and lied about it. Then it was opening up and admitting they had an std for 13 years. Then I turned into an a hole and was paranoid about everything and the fighting never stopped. Since quarantine we randomly came across some shrooms and decided to do them with some of our friends..... THEN THEY EGO DIED .... I’ve never seen this in real life btw ... so they admit to having another secret that they will either die or go to prison because they sexted a mini or in the beginning of our relationship and that they are bi sexual and admitting it which I have said they were a long time ago they were too scared to admit however I feel as if they are just too scared to be gay. They have a huge fear of judgment. Anyways y’all idk what to do I thought about reaching out to the mother of the minor and asking if they are okay the mother was lied to by my spouse that they engaged in this activity. On a side note they use to date. And the minor is experiencing huge mental issues due to this incident and others... idk 😐 I’m completely just shocked and stuck. I can’t even get a break from them to process all of this I’ve asked for a divorce they refuse to leave or let me leave. I’ve completely lost myself and turned into one of those snoopers looking for a way to set them free by just finding something to call them out for being gay and I’m 100 percent okay with it and supportive of it as it is something I have had in me my whole life and my best friend in the whole wide world is trans and they agree with me about my spouses identity. I just feel like I’m being used and lied to and that they are physco. I’ve supported beyond what you could imagine with therapists and so much more I just don’t know if I am doing the wrong or right thing by not doing anything

Idk what to do

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Hello Lemonslice, Ok, let's just breath for a second and think about it. First if there is a minor involved in this story, I think that you as a grown up should let his parents know this, and then back away from it. For where I can see all this story is getting you very uncomfortable and anxious. A relationship should always be a place of trust where you can feel safe, and this doesn't seem to be it. If you clearly saw them cheating, your confidence in your spouse will never be the same, and if you are already considering it maybe the best for sanity is leave. They can't tell you not to go, it's your right. Noone can stop you from divorcing, just talk to a lawyer. But a divorce is never an easy thing.

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