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Dilemma and uneasy situation

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Hi all. So I’m in a bit of a confused state of mind currently. So this is how it goes.. I met a guy in October and we met a few times since then and January. Then in January, I’d say that’s when we properly started seeing each other. Well today is 18/5/20. The last time we met is the 1/3/20, so almost three months ago. In that time, he had a car accident, Things have been really busy for him at work due to him being self employed, and not knowing what the day is going to be like etc, and now there’s a lockdown. He’s doing ice cream delivery, he’s also told me in this time that he has MS, and finds it hard to multitask and tends to focus on one thing but doesn’t make plans when he is busy.. I get all that I really do. He has said he will make time for me soon, but whenever I’ve mentioned about meeting for a social distancing coffee or walk etc, it’s been like ah I’ll be busy etc, he doesn’t make any effort to text me or anything I’m the one making all the effort, he has said previously that he wants to get it right and take it slow and he has said he’s had his trust abused. My life is easier with work and I do usually have a great day at with, but I don’t have a barrel of laughs because of it, I assure you! But he still makes the effort to text back and lately he’s been a bit moody and stressed due to work being busy. I do think despite everything we could have met at least once or twice in this time, providing we were careful etc and if he’s been able to get his haircut and see a friend of his and he’s having his brother stay at his this week, and if he really liked me, he’d make more effort right? I have had a good think about things and I’ve decided they if not effort has been made or if we haven’t met by the 1st June, do you think it’s fair to call it a day or do you think that despite everything I should give him more of a chance? Thanks in advance for your help and advice, genuine answers please, much appreciated 😊

Dilemma and uneasy situation

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Hey! How are you doing? Well it is really hard for us to now what exactly is going on in his mind. But I have very bad ADHD. I can't focus on things, when things get busy it's like one thing at the time. I forget to eat and sometimes I forget to text people back. Still I do my best to keep the people I like happy. I make an effort to reply, see how the are doing. It's hard for me but not impossible. It seems that he makes time for everything...except you... You say that if you don't text him... he makes no effort. Since we have no idea what's going on inside his head, one the best things to know if people like is to see if they miss you when you are gone. Stop texting him and see his reaction. That will be your answer.

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