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Best friend? Or something more

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So I have been friends with this guy for about a year. Our friendship really began to pick up around July of 2019. From that point on we FaceTimed all the time, texted etc. Around December, I went to go visit him at his apartment for the first time when I was in town visiting (he lives 3.5 hours away). He made me breakfast and we made mimosas. I spilled some of the mimosa on my jacket (around my boob) and he kept touching the spot ultimately touching my boob. Later on in this hangout session he playfully unzipped me jacket (he knew I only had a bra on underneath because he made a comment about it). This is the only semi but not really sexual advance he’s made towards me. Fast forward to March of 2020, we discussed hanging out multiple times and he suggested that I come visit him and stay the weekend with him. When I came down the most touchy feeling things got is when he would lay on me while he was playing the game or he would sometimes lay on my butt. He let me have the bed and he slept on the couch. One night I fell asleep without a cover and he came in the room and gave me a blanket and plugged my phone up to the charger. The next morning he made me breakfast (he always does considerate sweet things like that). BUT despite all of that he would sometimes leave me at his apartment at night to go sleep and hangout with other girls. In May of 2020 I went to visit again and he asked me to stay the weekend once more. Same as before, he let me have his bed, never tried anything. We watched a walk to remember and that time he did get in the bed with me but we were faced each other (no cuddling involved). That weekend I met his sister and best friend and he invited me to his sisters birthday party this weekend. I honestly don’t know where we stand, I’d like to think we are just friends but he gives me SOOOOO many mixed signals. SN: he always post me on his social media and I’m the only girl on his instagram and he’s posted me on there twice and Snapchat an endless amount of times. Maybe we are just friends and I’m reading into things too much. But I need another opinion.

Best friend? Or something more

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Whatever happens just let it happen. He doesn't seem like a bad person, quite the opposite in fact. He cares about you so its like 10 points in favor of love. Plus he obviously likes you nearby. What about you? What do you expect from him? Do you see him and just a friend or you expect something more of him?

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