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Over 40 help please Indian man British woman

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Hi. I'm looking for nonejudgemental help and advice from people around my age. I'm 42 and my partner is 28. We've been in an LDR for two months. He's Indian studying to be a Doctor. I'm in the U.K. Yesterday I had a problem arise. I found him ' liking' and putting a Wow emoji on a female friend's photos. He knows this upsets me, as we have had a talk about it before. I feel sad and angry about this. To me it means he likes the look of them and makes me feel less special to him.yes, it's jealousy but also makes me doubt his intentions towards me. He says the girl in question is a friend of his brothers and that she's his 'Sister.'It took me a long time to understand what he meant by this and I'm still struggling. She is not related but he says they call each other Brother and Sister. Can anyone please tell me if this is a ' thing'in Indian culture ? He says it is. We are far away and have not met yet, it will possibly be a very long time until we do meet. He is loving and attentive. I'm concerned about our age gap and I've never done LDR before. I'm trying to understand this behaviour. Thanks in advance.

Over 40 help please Indian man British woman

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Hello BlueBells, So, first things first. You're jealous. If you feel the urge to forbid looking, liking and/or wow-ing other girls pictures, it means that you don't have full trust. Du tou your age gap, it's not going to get better, it will only get worse. He will be a Doctor, entering his "golden" age and you will feel like at any given moment some girl will pop out of the blue and get him from you. That's no way of living. For you or for him. If you feel less special because he looks around, and try to stop him from doing so, he will hide and do it anyway. Thus, mining trust to a point of collapse. You have to make your mind. If you trust him, then do so. If you don't, then just move forward and find someone who has the same view on relationships as you do. Good luck!

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