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Will he ever trust me

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I met a guy shortly after separating from my husband. We grew apart and the separation was mutual, no hard feelings, and we still get on well. The guy I met was great, but wasn't after anything serious, which worked well for me having just came out of a marriage. After a few weeks, I caught up with an old fling online and we chatted, exchanged some pictures, but I cut it off as it just didn't feel right. About a month later, things were going great with the new guy and he said he was really falling for me. I had been honest with him about everything, and decided to tell him about the old fling that I had messaged. This hurt him a lot, which I didn't expect as he had made it clear we were "casual". After a few weeks, he said he wanted to start fresh and felt like we were good for each other and could make it work. We are now 6 months on, and he just doesn't trust me. He's convinced I've slept with my flatmate, which I haven't and I can see in his eyes that he's hurting. I just don't know what to do, I can't keep protesting as it's bringing me down but I really want things to work. I wish I'd never told him about the online chatting, but I just wanted to be open and honest.

Will he ever trust me

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Hey TBS, The thing with trust is that it's an essential of any kind of relationship. Basically no trust, will lead to sooner or later to a broken relationship. I don't think you did it wrong. In fact, the fact that you did tell him, even tho you aren't obligated to, makes you trustworthy. The thing is that he needs to understand that nothing happened, because you didn't wanna anything to happen, period. If he doesn't it's actually his problem and not yours. Probably something happened in his life, that makes trust another person a hard or impossible thing. It's something that he needs to fix. And trust me, if he doesn't you don't wanna go to deeper in this relation.

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