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He says one thing but acts the opposite

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Hello! So recently I have been in a pickle. The guy and I stared off things very quickly. We hung out for a month everyday and spoke all the time. We had an amazing time together, laughing, endless conversations, and always out and about doing fun things. We connected so well, I thought. About three weeks ago he came over and told me he didn't feel a "connection" but the night before was throwing me around the room, laughing, talking about dreams and the future. I am so completely confused. He has met my family, I've been around his. His sister told me that she knows he really likes me, talks about me around his family and thinks its because he's leaving for a year to chase his dreams in a different state. He told me he wanted to remain friends but we have not talked at all since then. I know it was only a month and I feel crazy for feeling the way I do now, but the connection we grew in that short amount of time has me super confused. The way he treated me in front of other people and wasn't afraid to do so, he was so sweet, kind and respectful. the whole thing is just throwing me off. what do u guys think?

He says one thing but acts the opposite

I would cut your losses. Honestly. I know it's easier said than done. I'm currently going through a horrible breakup that only happened yesterday, and I know it's difficult to take someone's advice. But I've just wasted an entire year of my time which is nothing compared to some people. And I still feel horribly depressed. You are only one month invested into this man, you are not in love with him at this point so please walk away. You can still remain friends but only after you've gotten over your feelings for him.

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