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Sexual healing

So me and my guy have been in a serious relationship for 5 going on 6 years. At first our sex life was great but now its boring and dead. I would consider him a "lazy lover" I mean he gives me oral but for the most part our sex is basic, no passion, and I never get to orgasm because he always cums first and NEVER lets me get me. I cant tell you the last time he made me cum. Sometimes after sex I masturbate because Im still horny anyway. Now we havent had sex in almost 5 days and Ive been crazy horny lately But! I haven't initiated sex because 1. he's lazy and hes gonna nut before me and 2. I dont want it if its not gonna be mind blowing. I dont want to cheat but Im thinking about stepping out of my relationship to find the sexual stimulation Im looking for. And by thinking I mean just fantasizing. How can I spice up my sex life? I am in need of an orgasm I don't know how to tell him this and I've become sexually frustrated. What should I do? Sign Sexual Healing

Sexual healing

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Hi, I have been through a lot in my past relationships where I was in the same predicament as you. One thing I learn how to do was be honest. Be open. Let them know what you want and how you feel. Try to come to an understanding in the relationship. I have done it before and I only felt like dirt afterwards. I myself didn’t know my self worth. I know it’s really hard to be open in a relationship if that has never been a thing and it’s even harder letting go of someone when you have been together for so long. But speak to him and if nothing changes then go your separate ways. But don’t cheat.

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