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Can anyone enlighten me about European guys?

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Just wondering if maybe I could get some answers here and advice as well. I met 2 European guys from dating sites. 1 is Swedish and the other was Finnish. They told me they were introverts and I actually myself was an introvert so not a big issue to me. I've been talking to the Swedish guy for 2 weeks now and just some days to the Finnish guy. Swedish guy highly expressed that he wanted to be more than friends in the beginning of the conversation and prefer to lose contact if we are just going to be friends. He said I was cute. He only had a gf once and that was in like his younger years(maybe teenager or before teenage years) and never during adulthood. At this point in time I have confirmed that he's childish and immature though he's already 34 yo now. I am concerned that he is saying that he likes me or interested in me but within our 2 weeks of chat what he does is talks about himself, his life, like he never even asked how am I, what am I doing, about my family or even my job. Sometimes I share something about myself and he doesnt even asked more about it like he don't care about anything in my life. Is that because he's introvert? or European culture? or he's not really interested? Is he just bored? I dont understand he's giving me mixed signals...And this week I insisted that we do video call and he said he wanted to talk about him going here and what are the things that we will do on the video call. I dont understand...and then just some days ago a Finnish guy started talking to me and to my surprise they were sort of the same. This guy didn't really expressed that he wanted anything romantic in our relationship yet but had said that I was cute on the 2nd day of chatting. He's 31 and had long distance relationship with other nationalities before. The last one even went there and lived with him for like 3 months but didn't work out to marriage. So I was thinking we are friends or anything that is not on romantic status yet. However I noticed that his way of chatting and talking too, we did video call twice already, he was like the Swedish guy who just keeps on talking about himself his life everything thats going on on his life. And even though sometimes Im not actively talking to him he keeps on messaging or reaching out to me. He never asked about my life and when I share he seems to not care about it and keeps on talking about himself. I dont know what this guys want. Do they just want someone to talk to? I think they were too self centered?? I am an introvert too but if Im interested in a person Im trying to know the person and everything about his life. Like seriously can anyone enlighten me I dont know where to find answers on this matter

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