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Male help needed, what should I do?

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so I met this guy online approx. 2008, he was really into me and very keen, but we live about 100 miles apart and I got nervous and put things on hold. we have always remained friends and I've spoke to him about problems in relationships that I've had and he has also confided in me. I was on holiday with my children in 2014 and actually bumped into him and his children we all spent time together (nothing happened as I was in a relationship) and I realised what a mistake I hade made all those years ago and how much I actually did like him, and I told him this once I got home. I was in a relationship and planned to end it, then I found out I was pregnant to my then partner so had to put things with the other person on hold and try and work things out with my family. we stayed in touch by text etc once again like always and I bumped into him once again about 2 years later, (i was single at this point) still nothing happened but i was more convinced than ever we should give it a go however never told him this time. To cut a long story short we ended up meeting up this weekend and somethig did happen and we sleptp together, and he was in contact the next day, but then just didnt reply to a message and Ive heard nothing from him. he never made concrete plans to see me again and i dont want to push him away by telling him how i feel. HELP

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