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Self pleasure in long distance relationship

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Hello everyone So I am currently in a long distance relationship with the most amazing woman but I am in dilemma. I used to masterbate to porn a lot but she has expressed her dislike towards me doing it by stating once “that it feels like cheating”. Ever since then I have stopped watching porn because it made me feel guilty. However I have found myself recently looking for some sort of visual stimuli just to get myself going such as videos online outside of porn. Even though it’s not porn I still find myself feeling the same feeling of guilt for pleasuring myself this way. It’s not that I’m not attracted to my girlfriend, that is far from the case, I just need to get things going for myself when I am alone. I asked her what she does to get herself going to try and understand her more and she told me that she only needs to think of me and that’s enough for her. I don’t know if my opinion is biased but I don’t know if it’s possible for a person to just be able to masterbate like that for months on end without changing things up. I suggested she give porn a try but she does not seem to like it and stated it felt as if she was cheating on me. Based on this I just wanted to know if it’s okay to pleasure yourself using these other mediums, even if your partner does not necessarily agree or understand it.

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