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Middle aged 30 year old figuring out dating

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Desperate in need of advice, I recently have been dating a girl who’s been pursuing me for almost a year. Very nice girl, a family girl, and very old school, loves to cook and take care of home, she also has a 3 year old son who’s dad is not in the picture, but she is young, she is a very mature 20 year old and she also lives in TJ. Mexico. While I’m a 35 year old. The age difference scares me and I worry about what others would say about us. I also have 2 guy best friends who are dating 2 girl best friends, they recently wanted me to meet the 3rd girl best friend and we all went to dinner and had a great time, the girl is about 5 years older than me, lives close by, enjoys life and it would be awesome to be able to do fun friend dates together with our group. Which is where things seem to be headed. I’m stuck between wanting a family of my own one day, marriage, a home, kids, or having something serious and fun, being close with our friend group and seeing where things goes. I’ve yet to ask the girl who’s 5 years older than me if she sees herself having kids. I’m also at a point of do I tell her upfront before we keep getting to know one another about the girl in Mexico and seeing what she says. Then telling girl in Mexico of how I feel and about the girl I just met. I feel like this will break the girl in MX heart. I’m also not a bad person or a player and I’m not good at these type of things and it tears me up knowing I could be breaking someone’s heart 😞. What do I do? How do I handle this situation?

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