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What do I get to do that I was caught dressed up as a sissy girl

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I'm not ashamed to admit that I love to be dressed up as a sexy girl. I was at my house and having fun in my sexiest outfit and my outfits are on the slutty side. I'm in a tight skirt, size small thongs, black thigh high stockings garter belt and 6 inch stilleto heels. I had a real hair wig and I had my Mom's friend to come over for my make up. I have to be honest, I was born for this and I could not tell I was a male when I was done with the complete transformation. I have just started to watch a porno of a bunch of absolutely sexy girls. It's telling me about the fact I was never a man and to be the Sissy I have always been. I'm looking at the way it was like that I was the only one they were talking to. I'm told that I am going to do as I am told by real men who have really big cocks. And I was just really wanting to be the girls in the video and I was craving for this and I was wanting to get a few guys around me and make me feel like a real slutty girl and force me to my knees begging for the opportunity to suck all of their cocks and swallow also. Now I have to admit that I had a few friends of mine a long time ago and they were all making me feel inferior for the tiny little 3 inch hard thin dicklet I have. If there were any girls around them I am the only one that is being made to look like a worthless little bitch and my little tiny dicklet is being laughed at by my friends,any and all the girls and most of the people at my school have been making me feel like a new born baby for me lacking a real dick. I have over the 4 years they were always doing this and it didn't even matter anymore and I embraced and I don't know why but I loved that it was so small. It's certainly a great thing for dressing up as a girl. I wear size small thongs and can't see anything at all. I have been trying to make it smaller actually. But I was just making a video and taking pictures of the way I looked that day and having a great time watching the porno that was having me craving for a few cock's in the room. I was shocked to see how much I was needing it to happen and have never had any feeling like this. I always have had a lot of dildos for anal pleasure and I was able to deepthroat 10 or more inches with no gag reflex. I have been practicing for many years so you can get a good picture of the skills I have developed over the years. That is the best thing that I have to try to satisfy the craving for real men and i pulled out the 3 11,12 and 14 inch dildos and I was going to town and I was loving deepthroating them thinking they were all real. I don't have to tell you about how I was so horny, and more than I have ever been with girls. I don't know how to describe the way I am going at it with my toys, when my 4 man friends are at my door knocking like the police. I froze up and got worried about what to do. I'm not sure how long the closest friend of mine of 8 years had a key to my house. I would really be the laughing stock of my entire town if they see me like this, even though I was looking like a real sexy girl. I wasn't wanting to take the chance of getting caught. I got up real quiet and went to the bedroom and closed and locked the door to my bedroom. I'm not sure how long the time for them to unlock, open the door and make themselves at home and went through my refrigerator, cabinets and pantry, but I'm thinking around 15-20 minutes. I have been in my bedroom and I was sitting in my bed and have not taken any of the sissy girl clothes I was wearing off. I don't know what I was thinking but one of them was wanting to be nosey and he was having some issues and couldn't get the door open. They are all trying to get in after the first one could not get the job done. So I can't do anything about the fact that after they got the door open now. I can't pay for the look on their faces when my friends are talking to each other to make sense of the fact I was dressed up and made it seem like it was not a big deal. I will never forget that the one friend who of 8 years asked if he could talk to me alone for a few minutes. The other 3 went out in the living room. My best friend is coming to sit and talk about what I am doing. He showed me real quick that I am going to do as I am told by him but he didn't tell me what I was going to be doing. He said that he was the only man in my room and they are all real men, but I was given an option to do exactly what he wants me to do or go out in public with a sign that says everything about me and my secret life. I didn't think it it was a hard decision and I told him I was going to make sure that he is not going to make my secret known to everyone I know. He informed me that I made a good choice. I asked what I am doing this when they came in my house and bedroom without my permission. I was quickly told to get up and get my ass to the living room and the alpha male my friends all are, made me know right then I can not argue with me as a sissy girl and I was in the presence of 4 real men that I am never going to be. I said I would do anything that I am told and I was going to thank them for whatever they are going to make me do for them. My friend is wanting to know how to make it clear to all of them to make sure that I am now their bitch that night. They are all trying to figure out what is the best way to utilize me. They are going back and forth when my long time friend says to get on my fucking knees and beg for the chance to be in the presence of real men and say that I was born to be a little sissy cumdumpster. I have already upset one who I never knew to be the one that was making me do this. I didn't argue and I got to my knees begging them to be so kind to do anything that they want to me. My friend who has been in the bedroom with the ideas, didn't say anything and I will open my mouth and I have to deepthroat or be punished by all of them. Ok you won't be shocked at the way I am showing that I am so happy that I got to spend time with each of them while they are calling me all kinds of things that only are said to slutty whores. They are going to make it known that they can do whatever they want to me. I was being throat fucked like to have the permission to take a look up so I can get a look at real men and i seen that I was doing all this while they are filming every single part of my new ways of being their friend. During the entire night I have been trying to figure out why I'm the only one who has to do this for them. I have a good idea why, but I have to say that I was aware that I am going to each of the biggest cocks I have ever seen, and was very shy at first but then they were all grabbing the back of my head when they were going to cum. They made it damn clear that I had to finish the job by swallowing my reward. I don't know exactly how many times I was sucking them or how many loads of cum I swallowed, but holy damn I have not had any thing that I was enjoying so much. I later found out that I was going to be doing that, that they have been talking about doing that to me for the past 2 years. I continued to thank my friends for thinking of me being used by them. I wasn't given the opportunity to be with a girl that I was wanting, but they told me that I know exactly what I was going to do from now on. I was told that I will never be with anyone I might want if they are available to tell me what I will or will not do. They made me feel like I won the lottery by using my mouth for 3 years until they moved. They said I will do it again if they happen to be in my area. I said I was going to be their bitch, slut or anything else that I need to know what I am. I would have done it willingly years before they even were all in my house. I have been wondering if I could have stopped those men and I mean Alphas, from using me for 3 straight years. Oh yeah I have to go out and say that they have told a lot of people the next day of the things I did not even have a choice, and I will never know because I made it clear that I was born to be the cock loving cum swallowing submissive slut and show how lucky I was to go around the room and loved it so much, but they don't know how much I love every second of the things I have done for all of them. Sorry for the length of my story and I will be this way because of how much I love to have a man or men to be in charge of me being a sissy girl and all. I don't have any other options but it's not any problem with me. Let me know what you think. You can give me new ideas for the sissy I am.thank you so much for your time reading this and you can see that I have to thank you and all the things that men have been making me feel like I have a purpose in life
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