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Don't understand

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The One Thing I Have Been Trying To Understand All My Life Is My Mother Has Ruined Everything In Entire Life Example My Marriage My Birthdays My Prom Etc... And The Only Thing I Can Come Up With Is That She Takes The Meaning Of Being A Narcisist To A Whole Different Level Believe Me. She Goes Out Of Her Way To Make Me Look Bad In Front Of People To Put Me Down Every Chance She Gets To Blame Me For Everything. And One Day She Was Looking For Her Ring And She Was So Damn Sure That I Took It Supposedly That When She Found It Her Ego Got Offended Because She Looked Stupid And Somebody Had To Literally Force Her To Apologize To Me. But I Didn't Believe Her Apology It Was All An Act? So What Am Asking Is How Can I Deal With Someone Like Her??

Don't understand

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Hey, yes sounds like there are narcissistic traits and the best thing you can do is read and learn about NPD as much as you . The more you know the better so you can learn not to be manipulated by her anymore. There are lots of books you can buy. I have a narcissistic dad I so understand. You can’t change her, they very rarely change because they see themselves as perfect. but you can change how to speak to her and choose how much contact you want to have with her in the future. Also update on here if that helps

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