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My partner wants to explore his bi side

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my partner is interested in gay sex I havent much of a problem with this but I dont want him to do it alone It intrigues me to join him and we have agreed, but he aint happy with the guys I choose and we have both decided that no one is touching me only him He has no patience, when he's horny he wants it there and now But he also says things during our sex sessions that hurt me We have broken up so many times over this I am so confused what to do, I love him, he loves me but he won't wait til we are ready He wants it all and wants it now and then other times he says i don't need anyone other than u, but then changes his mind back again I dont know whether to try work through this or just walk away

My partner wants to explore his bi side

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Respectfully, you don't get to choose his bi partners because it's his thing and if you have agreed to go along with it, then he basically has the say. If he's bi, which means two, he will always have two sexual interests and it'll be up to you whether you can cope with this lifestyle apart from being intrigued. Some ground rules and boundaries are needed to make it work and you will need to be able to trust him on more than one front. It's your responsibility to call him out with his hurtful comments during sex and you need to understand that that's who he is and he's not going to change whether he says he needs only you or not. A counsellor can assist you to understand and help you to support your partner and his needs, but first, because you have broken up so many times before, you need to make up your mind if the relationship is worth your efforts regardless of your love for him. You need to be respected as well as loved, and your emotional and physical needs are just as important as your partner's are.

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