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Am I wrong

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It was my 5oth birthday a few days ago and my husband had asked our kids to come as it would be nice for my birthday. I didn't want any fuss at all and if they weren't going to be able to make it I was not bothered because they have jobs and there own lives and a phone call would of been alright to me. my husband took 2 days off work for my birthday. at first our daughter was only going to come for 1 day which was going to be a Sunday til the Monday. my birthday fell on a Thursday. she then ended up coming for 4 days. she had to book the time off work.our son and his girlfriend came for 3 days. I think he wanted a little break away that's why he made it longer.I feel its my husbands fault why our daughter stayed longer then she intended and Ive been arguing with him by saying she was only going to come for one night and because he was saying to them it would be nice seeing me on my birthday she had to stay longer. I now realise I should of said I wanted to go away for a few days instead of being stuck at home. we only have a two bedroom house and there were five of us so it was a bit squashed. luckily our daughter stayed in a hotel for 3 nights and the last one with us when our son and his girlfriend went back. we had a meal out on my birthday and we took them out days but I was glad when they went to be honest, it was nice to see them but I never feel comfortable when my sons girlfriend is staying over and cannot relax as much as I want to. I feel I have to put a pretence. Im the same with our kids and im used to them not living here anymore and I don't miss the mess and having to clean up after them either. our son doesn't like watching our programmes we like to watch and our daughter likes her own programmes. we had to watch a film that I did not want to see because I had seen it 3 times before because our son and daughter wanted to watch it and I always feel we have to go to bed early because they want us out of the way so they can watch there stuff on tv. I am glad they no longer live here no more as I think there would be a lot of arguments going on about what to watch. im set in my ways now and at first I did have empty nest syndrome but it soon went after awhile. I like things a certain way in my home and like to be organised and clean, I take after my mother for that. I never thought of getting away when thinking about my birthday because I didnt want to think about it with getting older but now I regret we never went away and the kids could of just come for 1 or 2 nights at the most. my husband said he would never do that again and he thought he was doing something good by asking them to come for my birthday. one day our son heard us whispering and asked us if we wanted him and his girlfriend to go with us for a day out. I cant recall what I had been saying to my husband at the time but I felt bad that he heard and maybe of felt he was in the way. I wished I had not whispered anything now. we told him we had been talking about other things. I love getting away from the house and I am looking for work at the moment so im home a lot and just like getting far away from it all as often as possible. am I bad for arguing about our daughter having to stay longer and her having to take time off work and feeling the way I did about the kids staying and not thinking about staying away when my husband took two days off and we were around the house when we could of been away?

Am I wrong

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Good morning, I just read your text about the children coming to your house for your birthday? Well I’m not going to be much help as I live abroad from my grown children and we FaceTime daily as my daughter and son every other day. My daughter has two of my granddaughters, that I love more than life... we only get together every year for three weeks and I always love going back home to Virginia. My husbands first cousins daughter died last night she was 29yrs old thanks to Covid-19. You gotta love your kids while you are here and visa versus. I’ve just turned 58 and my two step daughters here are wonderful and I’m grandma to their four children. I love my life and my family. It’s not the same for others I know but your never promised tomorrow. You sound like a good wife and mother... just don’t always take it for granted they will always be there. God bless and wishing you much love...

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